Well, many of you have this question why blue dart courier is the best in India. While there are many other courier services like India Post, DTDC, TNT etc and out of them blue dart is considered far superior in terms of the quality services offered by them. The only way to know why it is best is by comparing all the courier services in various aspects.

It is quite known that India post has a vast reach across the country, it can deliver to even remote places whose name you have not heard at all. To keep in competition with Indian post office, blue dart has also expanded its pin code base and it can now reach to rural areas. Speed post and Registered post are the core mail services of the Indian post office which guarantees the delivery of the mail in 3 to 5 days. These services sound amazing and make you use India post. However, blue dart has unbelievable services that beat the prior mentioned ones. It has domestic priority which delivers the consignment within 24 hours. In the last few years, I never received a mail through Indian postal department whereas I got it via blue dart. That itself shows how popular it is.

Best Indian Courier Service

Best Courier Service in India

A good example is enough to compare different courier services. Once I went to DTDC branch at 7 PM for sending a parcel. I want to get delivered it by 2 days and told the same with the agent. The supervisor said that the parcels are already sent to the main hub and today they cannot make any progress with my courier. Also, he said that it will take at least 3 days to get it delivered. Next, I went to blue dart courier service and the supervisor assured me that they will deliver it with in 1 to 2 days. This example is enough to say that how blue dart is handling their operations and delivering the consignments quickly.

The other courier services like overnight which provides their services at cheaper rates. However, they don’t take responsibility for delivering your shipment. They took almost 2 weeks to deliver the bank documents with in the same city. Going for cheaper services has always its side effects. Blue dart is a premium service which makes sure that the packages are delivered with in the time bound.

Keeping all these into considerations, one can say that blue dart is the best courier services in India. To summarize, it is a costlier service which takes at most care to send the parcels. It can also reach to all parts of India.