InternetDart and MobileDart are e-business solutions of Blue Dart Courier. These are two different applications and both of them serve the same purpose of tracking the delivery status of a courier. These tools are used by large business units in managing their products tracking.

Blue Dart InternetDart

InternetDart gives the flexibility of checking the delivery status of shipments sent over last 45 days. This application provides different options to filter the tracking details and to generate reports. For example, one can check the delivery status by providing inputs like a set of dates, pick up location, destination location, and service type. Also, the data can be filtered on the delivery status of the package like whether it is delivered or not. Business units can track the status of the courier and can download the below reports.

  • The status of all the shipments sent over a period along with their waybill numbers.
  • Ability to generate all the delivered and undelivered shipment details.
  • Report on packages which are not delivered and returned to the origin location.
  • All redirected shipments can also be checked.
bluedart internet and mobiledart

Customers have to register with the blue dart courier company in order to use this tool. Also read bout the shopTrack and packTrack.

Bluedart MobileDart

MobileDart is also used for tracking the shipment status. However, it is a wireless application which can be used only on mobile phones. It gives the customers the ability to track the shipment by using the waybill number. It also provides an option to the customers to receive the tracking details as an SMS or email. Other features of mobile dart are listed below

  • Location Finder: Using this one can locate the blue dart branch in a particular region by entering the pin code.
  • Current Status: To get the current status to your mobile, compose as message as “T WAYBILL NUMBER” on your mobile phone and send SMS to 56767.
  • Set SMS Alert: To receive an SMS alert once the shipment is delivered, then type “I TRACKING NUMBER” on your mobile device and send it to 56767.

To summarize, both the internet and mobile dart applications are used for shipment tracking. However, internet dart is used in desktop applications and mobile dart is used in smartphones. These are two different applications of blue dart courier service which serve the purpose of consignment tracking.