Blue Dart and DHL both combined together and launched a new service called On Demand Delivery. This service gives the flexibility to the consignees to select the delivery time based on their preference. This service is applicable to shippers in India who sends the packages to international locations. Let’s get into the details of this service in depth and see how can you use it to the best.

When you want to send a consignment to a cross border location, you have to tell the blue dart agent to book it under the on demand service feature. At this time the shippers can choose the best delivery time based on the consignee availability. Blue Dart keeps on notifying about the progress of the consignment via email or SMS. This is the usual process of sending the courier. Now you might be thinking what makes this service different from the others. Here the difference starts, as a shipper you can give the control over the shipment to the consignee. The consignee can log on to the On Demand Delivery service portal and can use the waybill number to schedule the delivery time as per the convenience.

bluedart on demand delivery

This is the delivery option many eCommerce companies are looking for. This can add a better value proposition to their customers. The eCommerce companies in India are growing pretty fast and delivering the products to their customers in International location. Many online shopping sites are utilizing this new feature and giving their customers the flexibility to select the delivery options as per their preference. So, adding an On Demand Delivery model to the customers offering via convenient digital platforms makes sense a lot.

With this on demand delivery option, international customers can buy products from India without the need to worry about the delivery timings. As per the survey by a reputed research, many of the customers and eCommerce companies are choosing this new feature by DHL to deliver their products.

To conclude, The one demand delivery service by Blue Dart and DHL is going to be a revolution in the courier service. It also going to make think other couriers like DTDC, Indian post and many other the need to adopt this new model.