Blue Dart offers different types e-business solutions to its customers. ShopTrack and PackTrack are APIs provided by the Bluedart for its business customers like retailers and clients involved in logistics. Both the ShopTrack and PackTrack are tightly related to each other. However, both of them serve different purposes. Both these APIs are very handy for eCommerce portals.

Comparison of Blue Dart ShopTrack and PackTrack

Blue Dart PackTrack

Bluedart designed this API for business clients who are involved in logistics, package distribution, and inventory maintenance. When a customer buys a product from an online shopping portal, it has to be packaged first and sent it to the courier company for delivering. The pack track API helps eCommerce clients to check the status of the entire distribution. The status information is fetched from the Blue Dart’s database. This API can be integrated into any Windows application. It provides the status of an order in real time and offers the results in a JSON or XML format. The blue dart tracking of a package can be tracked by using this packTrack application.

blue dart shoptrack vs packtrack

Blue Dart ShopTrack

The shopTrack API is similar to the PackTrack. When a customer buys a product from an online portal, the customer will be provided with an order number to track the delivery status. This order number is linked with the waybill number of blue dart courier. Customers can track the delivery status of the product on the eCommerce portal itself and don’t need to log in to Bluedart website. This is all done by using the shopTrack API. This provided a seamless flow to the customers.

Requirements for Bluedart APIs

First of all the retailer businesses must register for an account in the Bluedart portal. Developers must be familiar with integrating shopTack and packTrack APIs into Windows or web applications. There are other integration solutions offered by the bluedart courier service. However, these two are the best integration solutions which actually helps in tracking the status of a product continuously. Customers have an advantage of getting the seamless experience of tracking their products.

With this we hope that you have got a good understanding about packTrack and shopTrack. Next we will see about InternetDart and MobileDart which are other business solutions of blue dart. These two applications also offer the ability to check delivery status of products in bulk.